I am a goldsmith - to clarify - that means that I create small items, i.e., jewelry as opposed to larger pieces of hollowware such as bowls, dishes, vases, etc. I primarily work in silver although I add copper, brass and occasionally gold to my mix of materials.
When asked to describe my work, people use words like: unique, organic, unexpected, tribal and substantial. I love things related to the earth and create pieces with plenty of texture, heft and patina. I describe my approach to design as primitive rather than an intricate, fine art style. Stones, fossils, shells, pottery or bones are often the focal point of a particular design.
I have always had an eye for the unusual and an affinity for things magical and spiritual. Most of my necklaces are named and accompanied by a description of their components and particular attributes. 
As a teenager of the 70’s I loved adornments and embellished my jeans and made beaded necklaces. I was fortunate to attend Manchester High School (Manchester, Connecticut) which afforded me the opportunity to develop skills in metalwork. College, graduate school and career took me in a very different direction. Happily, I have now achieved a balance in my life with the return to my love of creating jewelry.